Undergrad Courses

CEE 3404: Intro to Structures

Basic methods for analyzing loads and deflections of determinate and indeterminate structures.

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Class Projects

3D Printed Bridge Design

Student teams were challenged to design and fabricate a 3D-printed bridge which would hold 50 lbs while deflecting less than 3/8 in. Design was carried out with free software for structural analysis (MASTAN2) and 3D modeling (SketchUp). Teams competed to see which bridge was closest to the specifications!

3D Printed Bridge Design 2.0

Dr. Sarlo recently won a Large Class Teaching grant from the Center of Teaching and Learning Excellence to equip the course with several new 3D printers. This will enable students to take bridge prototyping to the next level and test out various designs!

CEE 4834: Cyber-physical and Remote Sensing

Sensing and imaging methods in civil engineering: sound/vibration, LiDAR, SAR, ultrasound, and more.

Graduate Courses

CEE 5440: Instrumentation and Signal Processing

Operational principles of sensors and data acquisition. Noise, filtering, and frequency domain analysis

Class Projects

DSPi - Signal Processing w/ Raspberry Pi

Students were challenged to design Smart Home or Smart City solutions by embedding various sensors into everyday contexts. The project used low-cost Raspberry Pi computers with GrovePi+ components, and Python signal processing libraries (SciPy). Check out the project repository for all the implementation details. 

Student Projects

CEE 5464: Structural Dynamics

Analysis of multiple degree-of-freedom structures under time-varying loads, with a focus on ground motion.

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